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Patient Consent Form

The patient consent form is presented when a patient’s consent is necessary for conducting a particular medical surgery on him/her. In the medical science, the form is necessary to avoid any trouble if in any case the procedure proves wrong to the person on whom the medical treatment is undertaken. Before starting any surgery or medical treatment, especially when the outcome is not predictable, this form makes the health authority free from any charges.

The form contains the information of the medical procedure along with the terms and conditions. This form should signed by the patient before starting any procedure. In case of emergency, the form should be signed by a close relative of the patient. Here, a sample of the patient consent form is given to make your the idea about it.

If you want to download the template of this form, the two formats are available one in PDF and the other one in word file. As per your use, you can modify the format.

Patient Consent Form

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