Confidentiality Consent Form

A Confidentiality consent form is seeking consent of a person regarding maintaining confidentiality of a specific action. This form contains some private information along with the confidentiality clauses that should be maintained by both the parties. It generally carries the information about the purpose and causes for which this form is made. All the agreement should be made clear to the consenter as to make a direct approach. Confidentially form as it name depicts prohibit one to disclose the deal in front of others as per the agreement.

The content of the form varies according to the purpose and the confidential consent form is used in many fields where maintaining confidentiality is necessary. In any kind of research related purpose and in medical science, this form is very common to keep some documents private. The important section of this form is where all confidentiality clauses are depicted. The information provided in the form should be authorized by the acute information. Below a sample of confidentiality consent form is given.

If you want, you can download the form in both PDF and word file. You can customize the document as per your needs.

Confidentiality Consent Form

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