Psychological Research Consent Form

The psychological research consent form is an important document for conducting a specific research as to seek consent form a participant who willingly takes part in this research program. This consent letter should be read carefully as it deals with a human subject for this research. In this form all terms and condition should be mentioned in a clear way so that participant has the acute idea about the research.

The form should carry the information like the purpose of the research. The form should mention the work area of the participant. If in any case the participant wants to withdraw from the research, the ways to be clarified to him/her. Reveal the details on the confidentiality of the research through this form. Apart from these, make an easy way to communicate with your participant by asking his/her opinion or doubt about anything. Below a sample of the psychological Research Consent Form is provided.

Download the format of this form in PDF and word document in order to edit the format as per your requirements.

Psychological Research Consent Form


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