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Minor Child Travel Consent Form Sample Template

When a minor is travelling along with anyone other than his own parents or legal guardian then in such a situation Minor Child Travel Consent Forms are required. Child Travel Consent Forms is a legal document which gives the consent to the child to travel without his parents like when he going on an educational trip with his school or an excursion trip with someone else. To avoid any hassles and to have all the legalities covered, it is important to have a minor child travel consent form signed from the parents.

You can easily download and use the Minor Child Travel Consent Form Template. This sample consent form is available in MS Word, PDF format and you can edit, print and customize this consent form template as per your need.

When to Use Minor Travel Consent

The requirement of using minor child travel consent form emerges when a child is travelling domestic or international in the situations mentioned below:

  • Child is traveling all alone
  • Child is travelling with a relative or a friend
  • Child is travelling with a single parent
  • Child is travelling with an institution, group or organization

Sample Minor Child Travel Consent Form

Minor Child Travel Consent Form - Sample Consent Template
Minor Child Travel Consent Form Template

Download Easy to Edit Minor Child Travel Consent Form at only $3.00

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