Sample PHP Query Form Template

sample php query form template

The aim of PHP query form is for handling various scripting language projects. It is used by software programmers in order to upgrade and implement PHP codes & applications. This query design format comes with queries that are based on hypertext pre-processor issues to make it an easier process. If you wish then you can … Read more

Student Query Form Template

student query form template

The whole and sole purpose of Student query form is to resolve problems of students in relation with their institution. These kinds of forms are quite simple and sorted. They have fields for collecting student’s personal details followed by a query section where students can write their questions or problems or seek explanations for their … Read more

Patient Query Form Template in Word Format

Patient Query Form Template

The purpose of Patient query form is to get information from patients by posing them questions about their disease and the treatment. The idea behind designing these forms is to have detailed information of medical history, personal details of the patient. Depending upon the amount of information required, it can be a single page form … Read more

MS Access Query Form

MS Access Query Form Template Sample

A MS access query form is designed to access and search information at a fast pace. This kind of query form is an instruction based form which comes with various parameters helpful in adding speed to search. To design this form, DBMS, MS access and SQL are used. It comes with various fields which support … Read more

Sample Jquery Form

Sample Jquery Form

A Jquery form is a very helpful template for all Java professionals. This form design example is a great help for all the professionals who work on developing new applications using Java as the basis. This form template comes with various java related queries that make it an apt form for Java professionals. You can … Read more

Customer Query Form

Customer Query Form

Customer query forms are designed for customers to help them ask questions in relation with services and products offered by the company or for any other doubts they have in mind. Usually companies have their own formatted query forms which consist of essential fields to get necessary information about customer and in context of his … Read more

Archie Query Form

archie query form template

Archie query form is a kind of search engine. It effectively gives the output of various results from Web Index database in the format you want it in. For search query, you can select from keywords only, excerpts only, and links only options as per your requirement.  Archie Query Form also offers some optional parameters … Read more

Ads Query Form

Ads Query Form sample template

Ads is a search engine which has been designed with the aim of improving the process of search in different databases. And Ads Query Form is a form which when filled, gives basic access to these databases of Ads. What is to be included in the form includes the description of the information or some … Read more