Contract Change Order Form Template | Download Word

Sometimes a contractor needs to do some extra work which is not mentioned in the initial contract form. In such a scenario, the contractor change order form template can be used for mentioning the extra work that has done by the contractor. The printable change order template form contains complete information about the extra work … Read more

Printable Construction Bid Form Template | Contractor Forms

Printable Construction Bid Form Template

The purpose of construction bid form template and example is that it is used by contractors in order to propose their bids for projects. The printable construction bid form template requires filling in the details about the work that needs to be done. The construction bid form template in Word also includes the rates that … Read more

Subcontractor Assessment Form

Subcontractor Assessment Form

The Subcontractor Assessment form is a document used to record the performance of individual sub-contract companies. This form is filled as soon as the work is completed. The form contains issues related to environment, health and safety .The sub contractor assessment form also contains the details of the company and the information relating to subcontractor’s … Read more

Independent Contractor Form

Independent Contractor Form

The Independent Contractor Form is a document between a company or client and a contractor who will be working with the company or client. This form basically outlines a clear specification of the independent contractor relationship. The form sets the terms of the contractor’s work and the main provisions include the delivery of services, limitation … Read more

General Contractor Safety Form

General Contractor Safety Form

The General Contractor Safety Form is a document to ensure that the project work done by the contractors is performed in a safe manner. It is used by firms where contractors are performing building, facility or equipment related construction, repair, installation, renovation or maintenance work is carried by contractors. The General Contractor Safety Form helps … Read more

General Contractor Forms

General Contractor Forms Template

A general contractor form is a legal document that describes the relationship between the company or client and a contractor. It is a very essential form which protects both the contractor and the client from future disputes. This form details the expectation and responsibilities of the parties involved in the project. The form contains the … Read more

Free Contractor Form

free contractor forms templates

A Free contract form is a contract between a company and a contractor to perform work and supply materials for a work project. This form sets forth the names of the parties, the term of the agreement and the payment for services and expenses. A free contract form is issued by the company seeking to … Read more

Contractor Liability Release Form

Contractor Liability release form template

The contractor liability release form includes all the liabilities concerned with the work so as to make the contractor aware to assume the same. The contractor is required to sign during or before the project commences. The contractor liability release form ensures that no legal problems are faced in the event of any undesirable situation. … Read more