Participant Consent Form

The participant consent form is a necessary document before starting any event. This form is for the participants to give their consent to the terms and conditions of an event. In any kind of contest, the participants need to go through various challenges so that this form makes them aware about all of those things which they will face in the event. The content of form should make a direct approach to the subject of the event. Sometimes confidentiality becomes the factor, so that the form should deal with this.

This form should be organized according to the rules of the event. If the participants are less than 18 years old, this form should be filled up by their guardians. The form should contain all ethical and non-ethical related the contest. A sample of this form is provided here that makes you knowledgeable.

You can download this form in both PDF and word file. According to your use, you can make necessary changes, then print it.

Participant Consent Form

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