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Appraisal Forms

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Employee Annual Appraisal Form Template Word

The purpose of an annual appraisal form is to measure the key responsibilities and performance of an employee on yearly basis. An annual performance appraisal form sample consists [...]

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Staff Appraisal Form Format

Staff appraisal format is the way on which the staff appraisal form is written. It is a good way to evaluate a staff’s performance in a certain company [...]

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Residential Appraisal Form

Residential Appraisal Form contains the information about a particular property. It is a very important document for the real estate business where each detail can make the client [...]

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Real Estate Appraisal Form

A Real Estate Appraisal Form as it name depicts it is the complete evaluation of a property in order to give information to the client or lender about [...]

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Performance Appraisal Form

Performance appraisal form is necessary to evaluate the development of an employee or a staff. For a company, it is an important thing to make a complete assessment [...]

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Equipment Appraisal Form

Equipment Appraisal Form gives the details on the evaluation of a particular machine. This kind of form is necessary, particularly in the manufacturing process as depending on the [...]

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Employee Appraisal Form

The Employee Appraisal Form works as a tool to identify the development of the employees in a certain company. It is important to keep track of the performances [...]

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360 Degree Appraisal Form

360 degree appraisal form contains the information about a company as a whole. A complete assessment is made on each individual performance of a company to know how [...]