Discrimination/ Harassment Complaint Form Template Online

Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Form

If you have come across any kind of discrimination then the same can be reported to the management by suing the employee discrimination complaint form. This is one of the complaint forms that is simple in structure and can be conveniently used for filing the discrimination in an easy manner. The online discrimination complaint form … Read more

Office Procedure Consent Form Template, Sample

Medical/Surgical Office Procedure Consent form template

The purpose of an office procedure consent form that is to be filled by the employee who is joining a new office. There are different kinds of consent forms that include consent form for surgery, sample consent form for medical procedure, general consent for medical/ surgical procedures/ interventions but this kind of consent form is … Read more

Printable Identity Theft Complaint Form Template, Sample

Sample Identity Theft Complaint Form Template

Identity theft is a serious crime as it is considered to be the violation of one’s personality. If someone has used your name and conducted a fraud in your name then you can report this crime by using the sample identity theft complaint form. This kind of printable complaint form makes an important document which … Read more

Sample Photo Consent Form Template Word

Sample photo consent form template

A photo consent form is used for officially granting the permission to any organization, institution, foundation or advertising company for using or printing a photograph for the purpose of sales of promotion. The photo consent form template is a simple consent form allows the person having the ownership of the picture the right to give … Read more

Orthodontic Consent Form Download Word Template

Orthodontic Consent Form Template, Sample

The orthodontic consent form is designed to be filled by patients that are going to undergo any orthodontic treatment. This consent form is mostly required by all those patients that are witnessing any kind of irregularities in tooth that have resulted in disproportionate jaws, dentofacial deformity or malocclusions. The orthodontic informed consent form aims at … Read more

Sample Surgical Consent Form Example – Word Template

Surgical Consent Form Template, Example

The purpose of using a surgical consent form is for having a medical commitment between the surgeon, clinic or hospital and the patient for conducting the surgical treatment. The surgical consent form template is a simple format that formally gives the consent for the surgery. This is a procedure consent form template that includes the … Read more

Printable Dental Implant Consent Form Template Word

Printable Dental Implant Consent Form Template, Sample, Example

In case of a dental implant, the dental implant removal consent form sample is used in order to formally facilitate the reassembling of a tooth or teeth in place where teeth are missing. The dental implant consent form template primarily informs the patient about the surgical procedure of implantation along with the type of implant … Read more

Printable Dental Extraction Consent Form Template Online

Dental Extraction Consent Form Template Tooth Extraction

A dental extraction consent form is an important consent form that is required for facilitating the extraction of tooth by dentist. The dental extraction consent form template is used for providing information to the patients about the different procedures that are following during tooth extraction. The dental extraction informed consent form also includes the information … Read more