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Informed Consent form Clinical Trials Template

Clinical trials are a kind of medical research and therefore, they have a defined protocol which has been developed with precision in order to answer particular patient care queries. And an integral part of this whole process is consent form for clinical trials. This is a form which is required to be filled by the volunteers who are participating in the process of clinical trial and it a document which states that the volunteer is giving the consent for conducting the clinical trial and that he is aware of the threats involved during this process. Usually informed consent form clinical trials templates are pretty elaborative in size but these forms contain three important sections- first, containing the purpose of the study; second, containing the contacts of the study staff and third, containing the rights of the volunteer. These clinical trials are conducted for testing therapies for cancer, testing the efficacy and safety of new drugs, treatment of different cardiovascular issues etc. The purpose might be to investigate how useful are the new combination of drugs or medical procedures.

In this post, we bring sample consent forms for your reference. You can use the consent form template in Word format and editable PDF format. Customize and use this format for your personalized use.

Sample Consent form Clinical Trials Template

Informed Consent form Clinical Trials Template - Sample Consent form
Informed Consent form Clinical Trials Template

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