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Nomination Form Template

Nomination forms an integral part of the process of nomination and selection. Nomination forms are used for the purpose of selecting or nominating a person for a specific job or election or honour. There are different kinds of free online nomination forms available like officer nomination form template, award nomination template, sample nomination form for employee of the month, election of officers, employee etc. But each of these forms are subjective to the matter they are associated with.

Designing Nomination Forms

While developing sample nomination forms, here are the few points which a designer must always keep in mind to ensure a smooth process of nomination:

  • Understanding the Significance of Form

Before developing nomination form template, the designer should know the importance of form.

  • Clarity in Form

The form should be readable and clear in purpose. It should be short and precise.

  • Points to Include

All important points should be included and organized based on their levels of importance.

  • Differentiation

A good example nomination form is one which makes the process of selection easier by highlighting the point of differentiation between two nominees.

  • Hold the Interest

A nomination form should be appealing and interesting so that the person filling it can fill it without any hassles.

Use the free online nomination forms or the nomination form template word or you can even design your own as it is not at all a difficult job.

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