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Staff Appraisal Form Format

Staff appraisal format is the way on which the staff appraisal form is written. It is a good way to evaluate a staff’s performance in a certain company or an organization. Through the staff appraisal form, one can make an assessment of a staff overall performance, which is very necessary for a company’s reputation. As the skilled staffs can make a good environment that lead to the company’s profit, this form gives the way to make the things perfect. This form is used as a development tool of a company.

Generally, it is produced yearly or bi-annually to measure the work efficiency of the staffs. There are many formats used by different companies that contain the information about a staff’s communication skill, teamwork, quality of work according to the company’s norms. Here a sample of a staff appraisal format is given below.

You can download the staff appraisal format in both PDF and Word file. According to your needs, you can modify the document and make it yours.

Staff Appraisal Format

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