Job Appraisal Form

The job Appraisal Form records the assessment of a job or a work completed by an employee. This form can play the role of a supportive document to one’s particular skills. It enhances an employee’s ability to handle a particular job responsibility, which is a very important thing for a staff to promote his/her career. If it is organized skillfully, it can put a job seeker forth in the competition. Though it is written by the people in authority of a certain company, but it is a very vital thing that makes others believe that one can perform this kind of job, too.

Mainly it is made for taking the notion of an employee’s performance about a certain job that is given him/her to accomplish. If there is any wrong happens, it identifies the area, which needs to be taken care in the future. A sample of a Job Appraisal Form template is given below.

You can download Job Appraisal form in editable PDF and Word document. If you want, you can change the sample format according to your use.

Job Appraisal Form

Job Appraisal Form Sample

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