Performance Appraisal Form

Performance appraisal form is necessary to evaluate the development of an employee or a staff. For a company, it is an important thing to make a complete assessment on the performance of the working group. It also indicates which way a company goes, because one can measure the employees’ performance, in turn, he/she is observing the company’s growth. The appraisal form template contains the columns like overall performance, knowledge and skill of the certain field.

Generally it is evaluated by a high authority of an organization and it improves the quality of performance among the staff. One company can apply its norms to regulate the form and the management department of a company decides the time within which the form is made. Here a sample format of a Performance Appraisal Form is given below.

You can download the format of a Performance Appraisal Form in both PDF and word document manner. Make necessary changes to it as the way you want.

Performance Appraisal Form

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