Vehicle Appraisal Form

Vehicle appraisal form is a document that records the information about your vehicle, specifically, how well-functioned your vehicle is. This vehicle appraisal form is necessary when one wants to sell his/her vehicle to others in order to show that the vehicle is in good condition. So, this form makes your task easier no matter whether you are going to sell it or trying to apply for the vehicle insurance. To make your side strong, you can show this appraisal form to the transport department to obtain a clear nod from them about the function of the vehicle.

This appraisal form is long as it deals with every aspect, which is important to sell your vehicle. Make sure that the form contains every detail without missing anything. Some documents are needed to support the statement in the appraisal form, these are permit book, bills and other document related to your car vehicle. Here, a sample format of a vehicle appraisal form is given below.

You can download the format of the vehicle appraisal form in both editable PDF and document file. Make necessary changes as per your requirements on it.

Vehicle Appraisal Form Format

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