Employment Authorization Form Template – Example in Word, PDF

Employment Authorization Form is a formal document that is filled by the person who is the in-charge for the state or for the welfare of a particular prospective employee and is then submitted to the employer. These Employment Authorization Forms can be used under different situations. Employment Authorization form templates are needed by state attorney to authorize an employee to recruit someone. Application for Employment Authorization Form templates are also used by parole officer for authorizing the recruitment of a former convict.

In this post, understand everything about Employment Authorization Form along with sample authorization form template.

What is an Employment Authorization Form?

Employee Authorization Form is Form I-766 which is also known as EAD card or Work Permit. This legal document is issued by USCIS i.e. Unite States Citizenship and Immigration Services for the purpose of giving the non-permanent employment authorization to all those who are not the citizens of USA. It comes in a form of a credit card sized card which includes the name of the immigrant along with his date of birth, gender, country, immigrant category along with its immigrant registration number.

What All Sections Does the Employment Authorization Template Must Have?

Find out the different sections that are a part of a sample employment authorization form:

  • Details of the Employee: Name, Date of Birth, Phone Number, Email, Address, Town, State, Country, Zip Code, Social Security Number, Job Position etc.
  • Details of the Authorizer: Name, Title, Company, Designation, Phone, Email, Address, Town, State, Country, Zip Code etc.
  • Statement of Authorization
  • Signature and Date

Every sample authorization form for employment must contain these details.

How Do I Use These Sample Employment Authorization Form?

You can easily use these employment authorization form templates. All you need to do is click and download these forms designed in Word format. You can even convert them in PDF format and customize them as per your requirement.

Employment Authorization Form Template
Employment Authorization Form Template

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