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Credit Check Authorization Form

A credit check authorization form is issued in order to authorize a person to check an individual’s credit account for some professional reason. The form authorizes a person to get information of the credit account to know the financial status of that credit card holder. The form is a very important document, especially those who have financial dealing with the card holder; such as a landlord uses the form to check the tenant or renters financial status for the professional reason.

A sample of a credit check authorization form contains information regarding the details of the concerned person and his/her respective credit account details to ensure the financial safety. Anyone can fill up the form, those who has a proper reason to know the economic condition of an individual. For the background check, especially economically, the form proves to be the best way. An employer can also use the form for the employment issue.

The template of the form is available in both PDF and word file. You can download the document and customize it as per your use.

Credit Check Authorization Form

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