Direct Deposit Authorization Form

A direct deposit authorization form is practiced by the companies or the business entities that authorizes a person in order to deposit a company’s amount to the respective bank account on behalf of the company. The company should make sure the person who is chosen to evaluate the task should be reliable enough. The form is a legal document that should mention terms and conditions of the concerned person who is conferred such authority.

A Sample authorization form contains information regarding the authorized person, details of the company and the respective bank details. One should mention the company’s name and address and the details of the concerned employee in respect of company’s identification to avoid any further confusion. The form should be signed by the concerned authority. The company can maintain a quickbook to track the cash flow of the account. This is a communication between the authority of a company and the respective bank manager.

You can download the template of the form in both the PDF and word file. Make necessary changes in it as per your use.

Sample Direct Deposit Authorization Form

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