10+ Authorization Form Templates Word | Formats & Examples

An authorization form, as its name suggests, is used to give an authority to a person of trust, in order to execute your task on behalf of you. Authorization form is an important document and has a wide range of use. According to the consent of the authority, the assigned person should perform the tasks. The form conveys terms and conditions regarding the subject matter that the authorized person should maintain. On behalf of the consenter, the concerned person can take a decision within his/her area of authorization.

A sample of authorization form contains information, including the complete details of the authority as well as the authorized person, the areas of the authority and the responsibility that the concerned person performs. One can use the credit card authorization form that states a credit holder give the authority to another person to use his/her credit card. A work authorization form is also produced for the same purpose to give a right to a person who perform your task according to your permission. A medical health authorization form is needed when you authorize a medical team to perform treatments. There are other authorization forms as per its purpose.

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