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Every state has different laws for eviction and therefore they have different eviction form notice formats. In the state of Texas, before the landlord starts the process of eviction, Texas Eviction Notice Form is sent to the tenant along with a certified email or a witness. There is Texas notice to vacate for unpaid rent form, Texas 3 day Notice to Quit form and many more. This eviction notice needs to be issued 30 days prior to eviction date.

What Is Texas Eviction Notice?

Printable Texas Eviction Notice Form is a document which is used for sending notification to the tenant about violation of rules stated in the rent agreement in some way. Using eviction notice template, tenant is asked to either follow the rules or vacate the property. All kinds of Texas eviction notice must be legal and complaint with state and federal law of housing.

Use the Texas Eviction Notice document if:

Here are the conditions in which you can use the Texas Eviction Notice Form:

  • Tenant has violated the terms and conditions of rental agreement or lease.
  • Tenant has not paid the rent.
  • The rental agreement or lease has expired but tenant continues to stay at the property.
  • Landlord wishes to terminate month-to-month tenancy.

In Texas, it is important for all the tenants to follow the legal process of eviction because otherwise they might as well lose the case. In case the tenant doesn’t comply with the Texas Eviction Notice Form then landlord is required to file a forcible detainer suit or eviction lawsuit with the courts.

You can simply download and use the Printable Texas Eviction Notice template. This sample Eviction Notice Form can be customized as per subjective needs. Easy to print, this eviction notice template is available either in convenient to edit PDF or Download in Word Document.

Sample Texas Eviction Notice Form Template

Texas Eviction Notice Form - Eviction Notice Template
Texas Eviction Notice Form Template

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