Notice of Rent Increase Form Template in Word Format

When a landlord plans to increase the rent, the same has to be informed to the tenant using a Notice of Rent Increase Form. Using the Rent Increase Form Template, landlord can fill all the details and send to the tenant in advance. Usually this form is sent minimum three months in advance but there are also 60 days notice of rent increase forms as well. This is not a legal document but just a binding.

The Basics: What is a Rent Increase Notice?

The purpose of Notice of Rent Increase is to formally inform the tenant about the changes in the increment in rent by the landlord. It includes the name of the landlord, address and location of the rental property, present rent, new rent and the effective date.

If the rent agreement allows and the landlord follows the time limits for increment then he can increase the rent without any issues. In case the tenant doesn’t agree to the changed rent, you can send Eviction Notice template to him. But it is recommended that one must follow the state laws while sending such forms.

You can download Notice of Rent Increase Form Template and use it by customizing it as per your need. This Rent Increase Form Template is easy to print and is available in Word Doc Format and PDF file.

Sample Notice of Rent Increase Form Template

Notice of Rent Increase Form Template
Notice of Rent Increase Form Template

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