Eviction Notice Form | Eviction Notice Template in Word Doc

The purpose of an Eviction Notice is to formally begin the process of removing the tenant from the property who has violated the terms and conditions as stated in the lease agreement. Each state might have different laws for eviction but the process of eviction mostly starts once the Eviction notice form is sent to the tenant. This is a legal form which marks the start of eviction process.

Eviction Notice is also known as notice to vacate the premises, notice to vacate letter, notice to quit etc.

There are different situations under which eviction notice form is required:

  • Month to month eviction notice is required when tenant violates the terms given in the agreement.
  • There is eviction notice for failure to pay rent if tenant has failed to make the payment on the mutually agreed date as per agreement.

Eviction Notice Forms: Things to Know

Here are some important things that you must know when you move ahead with the process of eviction.

  • It is extremely important to have the paperwork in place.
  • You must always remember to keep all the records up to date to ensure that the process of eviction is smooth and rewarding.
  • Focused discussion with the attorney about the issue must be done before taking any action.
  • If there is a violation of agreement or delay in rent payment, notice to quit or notice to pay can be sent.
  • Try resolving the issue first with the tenant to avoid hassles.
  • If nothing works out, then it is the time to move ahead with taking a legal action by issuing an Eviction Notice formally.

To make things easier for you, we have come up with Eviction Notice Forms. You can use the sample eviction notice forms subjective to your situation. We also have notice to quit sample or printable 3 day eviction notices, sample from landlord to tenant notice to vacate which can be picked and used as per need.

Download these sample eviction notice form templates to use them with ease. They are available in Word format and truly make the work easier.

Sample Eviction Notice Form Template

Sample Eviction Notice Form Template
Eviction Notice Form Template

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