Employee Reimbursement Form

An employee reimbursement form is formatted by a company or an organization to give its employees various kinds of finical advantages. In a company, there are various kind allowances for an employee and such type of form is a way to apply for the cost reimbursement officially. As the form is an official document, one should submit the essential documents along with the form. There are many allowances that a company gives, including travel, mileage, medical, family education and others. An employee reimbursement form serves all the purposes.

A reimbursement form template mentions the information regarding the employee’s personal details and data regarding the field of concern, such as a sample mileage reimbursement form is made to repay the amount as per the mileage that an employee travel for the official purpose. Other than this, the total amount, the date of expenses and other details regarding the reimbursement should be mentioned.

The template of an employee reimbursement form is available in both PDF and word file. You can download the format and customize it too.

Employee Reimbursement Form

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