Employee Evaluation Template

An employee evaluation template deals with making an assessment of an employee in his/her area of work. A company uses this form to understand the performance of an employee for a certain job. By evaluating the work force, a company can identify the strength as well as weak side of the employee. This is an important document as it encourages the employee to give their best for the company; in turn, it helps a company to reach its goal. If anything wrong is there, the form clarifies it and alerts the concerned department about those areas which need to improve.

An Employee evaluation form contains the information regarding the skill and ability of an employee for executing a particular task. Questions are formed on the basis of goals, achievement and objectives of an employee. Employee evaluation examples generally have the common layout that is useful for any company or an organization. Below a sample template of an employee evaluation form is provided.

You can download the form in both PDF and word file. Customization is up to you to make it yours.

Employee Evaluation Template

Employee Evaluation Template

Download Easy to Edit Employee Evaluation Template at only $3.00

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