Witness Affidavit Form

A witness affidavit form is a very much legal document and is responsible to check the accuracy of any case. So, the form needs to be presented in an organized way and should be made according to the law, it is better if you consider a notary clerk to make such type of form. In the legal field, witness is a must to have thing that makes any case stronger and this affidavit form serves the same purpose.

A sample of a credible witness affidavit form carries information regarding some general details about the legal terms and conditions. Apart from that, the general affidavit form also states the case number, in which division it falls into, the name of the petitioner and the respondent. Personal details of a witness should be recorded with maintaining the legal issues. You can opt for the blank affidavit form if need your own template. Here an example is given for you.

You can download the template in both the PDF and word document. Customization is up to you.

Sample Witness Affidavit Form

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