Immigration Affidavit Form

An immigration affidavit form is produced to give the legal status of the immigrants in a country. The content of the form varies with the terms and conditions of the laws of different states. This affidavit form is very helpful to avoid any legal issues, especially for those who are visiting different countries for a certain purpose. The content of the form should be checked by the concerned authority of the government before accepting the application form.

A sample affidavit form carries information that gives the details about the concerned person’s citizenship along with his/her personal details. Some documents should be given to prove the statements in the form. Generally, an affidavit form contains some information regarding the field of interest that discloses the details of the applicant. The United States have a certain rule behind promoting visitor visa sponsorship under the USCIS affidavit under that states the applicants must state the financial status to the government to prove their financial stability before getting immigrant certificate. The template of this form is available in online, you can download the form.

Immigration Affidavit Form

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