Binding Death Benefit Nomination Form Template

Binding Death Benefit Nomination Form Template

A binding death benefit nomination form is a document which ensures that after your death, the beneficiaries chosen by you receive the death benefit. Sample nomination forms contain complete details of the member and names of beneficiary/ beneficiaries along with their address, relationship with them and the percentage of benefit they are nominated for. A … Read more

Employee Expense Form Template

Sample Employee Expense Form Template

Sometimes employees incur expenses on behalf of their companies and in that situation companies maintain employee expense form to document the expenses they have incurred. Employee Expense Reimbursement Forms are very much helpful in saving time and money and keeping a track of expenses. Sample expense form including personal expenses template, expense form template for … Read more

Tenant Eviction Form – Tenant Eviction Notice Template

If you have a tenant who time and again fails to abide by the rules and regulations of the rental agreement then in that scenario, as a landlord, you have no choice but to send him an eviction notice, asking him to vacate your property. Tenant Eviction Forms are the Eviction Notice Forms which are … Read more

Petty Cash Requisition Form Word – Sample Requisition Form Template

A petty cash requisition form, as the name suggests, is an official document which is formally drafted and used whenever some employee of the company needs a particular sum of money for some official work which is called as ‘petty cash’. Every company has lots of everyday small works for which employees require this petty … Read more

Download Divorce Agreement Form Template | Sample Divorce Settlement Agreement

Divorce Agreement Form Template, Sample Divorce Settlement Agreement Form Word Download

Divorce is a legal way of closing the association of marriage. It is surely not a simple process because other than legal aspects, various other facets of your life get affected. When a couple mutually agrees to separate i.e. they both agree to take a divorce and live separately then in that scenario, mutual divorce … Read more

UK Will Form Template Format

sample UK Will Form, will Template UK

We don’t know how long we are going to live and in order to handle with such kind of uncertainties, it is extremely important to have your will designed in advance. A will is an extremely important legal instrument the purpose of which is to have a desirable distribution of asserts and properties of a … Read more

Temporary Will Form Sample Template

Temporary Will Form Sample Template

Temporary will form is a legally binding document that helps a person to create a will in extra ordinary circumstances. If the person does not have, a final/last will,  than this temporary will form helps a lot to make provisions regarding property, its distribution among the heirs and other responsibilities of the person. You can … Read more