Release Intellectual Property Rights Form

The release intellectual property rights form is made to release the intellectual copyright privileges by an author or a creator of a piece of work. The creator can give the right to another person or to any institution to use the concerned art. This form legally maintains all terms and condition of the copyright of the work. Anyone who wants to use the work of others, this form is helpful to achieve this. You can see the examples of this form on the internet. As it deals with the work of others, it should follow an agreement process by which the creator gives his/her node in using the work.

The template of this form should state the purpose of using the work before its owner. If any term is there, the form should mention it. Apart from this, it contains the information about the author and his/her piece of art, which will be used by another person. The form should be signed by the author after ensuring each detail. Below a template of this form is provided.

The sample forms are available in both Editable PDF and word file. Download the form and customize it as per your use.

Release Intellectual Property Rights Form

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