Intellectual Property Protection Form

An intellectual property protection form is applicable when a new work is published. An author always wants to protect his/her work so that no one can make a profit out of it and by filling up this form, anybody can get the right of ownership of the work. As it is a legal document, the form should be handled professionally and should maintain the terms and condition of acquiring the right of the work. The intellectual property forms deal with the right of an individual’s work. You can find examples on the internet. The agreement of individual property right should be clearly stated in this form.

The template of the intellectual property protection form contains everything which is necessary to gain the right of the work. This right prohibits others to use a particular work without seeking consent from the creator of the concerned work. So, it is the great way to maintain the authenticity of the work. Here a template of the form provided below to assist you.

You can download the sample forms in both Editable PDF and word file. You can customize the document as per your use and then print it.

Intellectual Property Protection Form

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