Feedback Forms

Feedback form, as its name depicts, it is made to record the responses of the people according to the field of interest. Feedback is a necessary thing to make some improvement to the existing services and products and the application of this form is in a wide range. You can use this form where it is necessary to record the responses. The feedback form is submitted to the concerned department to analyze the report and make decisions accordingly. You can use event feedback form to record the feedback about a particular event held before. For a company, it is important to maintain this form as it improves the communication between the company and the masses or clients as well as it improves the product or services offered by the company.

The sample of the feedback forms varies in nature according to its content. It can be used by the customer care department to improve the services, especially in the hospitals, the airport and other areas. Generally, people give their suggestions or complaints on a certain product and service. A company can also maintain an employee feedback form to assess the performances of the employees in a company. Training feedback form is also very common in use where trainees are requested to rate the training program that they have gone trough. Here an example of a feedback form is given below to assist you.

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Training Instructor Feedback Form
The Training Instructor Feedback Form is a standardized form that is filled by the trainees of the program.

Training Evaluation Feedback Form
The Training Evaluation Feedback Form helps in reviewing the training program. It also helps in development of trainers and improving their training skills.

Supervisor Feedback Form
The main purpose of supervisor feedback form is to provide information about the supervisor’s performance regarding his area of work.

Free Feedback Form
Free feedback forms enable users or customers to give direct feedback about the product or service through websites.

Corporate Event Feedback Form
The Corporate Event Feedback Form is used to evaluate the strength and weaknesses of the corporate event.

360 Degree Feedback Form
The main objective of 360 degree form is to get feedback from various perspectives about the employee.