Billing Statement Form

Billing statement form is a form which covers all important fields such as invoice number, amount paid and item description. This form can be used by different organizations according to their requirement. This form gives you details as to what clients must pay to your company. The Billing statement sample form consists of columns with client information details which will be useful when you are going to collect the money from your clients. This form also consists of columns regarding the description of products and services, date of transaction and the payment columns. The benefit of this form is that it gives you a complete picture of payment records and on the other hand the clients also benefit as they get easy details of what they have to pay from the services you give them. Below is a sample billing statement format.

The sample Billing Statement template is available online in both MS Word and PDF format. Both MS Word and PDF format allows you to edit and customize according to your requirement. Just download the forms and fill out appropriate information fields.

Billing Statement Form

Sample Billing Statement Form

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