Safety Audit Form Template in Word Format

As the name suggests, a safety audit form is designed to be filled up the employees of a company with an intention to understand the operations of the company and also learn about the property in order to find out the potential hazards that are present there. The idea behind a safety audit form sample is to know the hazards present there which may adversely affect the people and therefore, based on the findings of the audit, what all actions can be taken to reduce these hazards to the minimum.

A safety audit form template the basis of a safety audit. It is nothing but an analysis of the situation both inside the working premises as well for outdoor projects with an intention to conclude if there are any threats to the people or the surrounding environment because of the project or the state of the building. The findings of the audit are then recorded and the hazards are addressed. A safety audit report format includes the name of the company along with the address and contact details. It also includes a long list of questions in relation with the audit which are to be answered in yes or no. In the end, it is to be signed by the department head as well as the auditor.

You can easily download the Safety Audit Report template doc. This safety audit template word file is also available in PDF format and can be customized and printed as per subjective needs of different companies.

Safety Audit Form Template

Safety Audit Form, Safety Audit Form Template Word
Safety Audit Form Template Word

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