Rent Receipt Form Word Document

A rent receipt form is presented when one pays a certain amount as rent and its receipt copy is provided by the landlord as the conformation of clearing the payment. If you are a tenant, you should keep this rent receipt form for the future use. Such type of form is also produced at the time of renting an apartment or house and if there is any security deposit is needed, the rent receipt form is also presented.

A sample of the rent receipt carries information, including the name of the landlord and his/her personal details. Other than this, the name of the occupant and the other details should be mentioned in the form. A sample rent invoice form carries information, including the type of building and the amount which is paid as per the rent. Some template also mentions the mode of payment, if any. The signature of the landlord should be there.

The sample of the form is available in both PDF and word file. Download as well as customize the document as per your needs.

Rent Receipt Form

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