MS Word Bank Complaint Form Template

Bank Complaint Form sample

A complaint can be made against a bank regarding banking, insurance, pensions, savings and investment, credit cards and store cards, loans and credit, hire purchase and pawn broking, financial advice and stocks, shares, unit trusts and bonds, money transfers etc. Any problem with regard to these matters can complained to the bank by filling up … Read more

HR Complaint Form Template | Sample | Word Format

human resources complaint form

An HR Complaint form is used for filing a complaint by a complainant against the HR practices followed in a department of an institute or an organization affecting him directly or indirectly. This form includes the name of the complainant, name of the person against whom the complaint is made, the main points of allegation, … Read more

Locksmith Business Estimate Form

Locksmith Business Estimate Form

Locksmith services range from simple lock out jobs to large construction projects. It is very important to be able to provide the customers with an itemized list of services rendered. Thus a locksmith business estimate form is used. Locksmith Business Estimate form provides a client with a written estimate describing proposed work to be performed … Read more

Business Sale Agreement Form

Sample Business Sale Agreement Form

Business Sale Agreement forms refers specifically to the contract between the seller and purchaser for the transfer of either shares or assets of a going concern business. The purpose of the agreement is to provide certainty as to the value, identity and ownership of the assets or shares to be sold and the amount and … Read more

Business Proposal Form

Business Proposal Form Template

Business Proposal forms are essential for any business regardless of the size of the business. It is a written document that offers a particular product or service to a potential buyer or client. A Business proposal form should define and focus the business objective using appropriate information and analysis. The form should be prepared by … Read more

Business Financial Statement Form

Business Financial Statement Form

The four main types of financial statement are statement of financial position, income statement, cash flow statement, statement of changes in equity. The financial statements prepared for most small businesses comprise a balance sheet and an income statement. Statement of financial form or balance sheet presents the financial position of an entity at a given … Read more

Business Activity Statements Form

Business Activity Statements Template

In order to assess the tax liability of your business with respect to different taxes, as well as to report and pay the taxes, you will have to submit a document known as the Business Activity Statement (BAS) to the appropriate tax authorities. A business activity statement is a form prepared on a monthly or … Read more

Automobile Bill of Sale Form

Automobile Bill of Sale Form

A bill of sale releases interest in a vehicle. It is a legal document to legally transfer the title of the vehicle from the buyer to the seller. It also helps protect both buyer and seller from future legal issues. Most automobile bill of sale forms include the vehicle type, specific vehicle information, Seller’s name … Read more