Notice to Vacate Form Template

A notice to vacate form is generally produced by the landlord in order to inform a tenant to vacate a place. The notice form can be considered as the eviction notice as the tenant needs to vacate the place within the time span specified by the landlord in the form. The form follows a guideline and it serves the time to the tenant to arrange a place within the time. This type of form is similar to the landlord notice and sample tenant notice.

An example of such form carries information regarding the tenant, including his/her name, the address as well as the permanent address. Apart from this, it also mentions the reason of such decision and gives the notice period to the tenant. The form should be signed by the landlord.

The sample of the notice to vacate form is available in both PDF and word file. You can download and can make necessary changes in the form.

Notice to Vacate Form Sample

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