Notice of Intended Marriage Form

A notice of intended marriage form is filled by those who want to get married as per their wishes. This is an application form for the legal marriage and one has to produce the documents that support the statement of the form. It is a very much legal document and can be used legally. The format of the form is designed under the provisions of the law of the concern state. The citizen should follow the guidelines while go for the legal marriage.

The template of the form contains the information regarding the both parties intended for marriage. Father’s name, address details and age are required to complete the process. Along with the form, the documents should be submitted to the concern department. The signature is required to make the data valid and authenticate. After reviewing all the details, the marriage procedure is completed.

You can download the form, which is available in both PDF and word file. Fill up the documents with a great care.

Notice of Intended Marriage Form

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