Job Proposal Form Template

As the name suggests a job proposal form is related to a job, but it is different from the job application. The proposal form is generally a request form made by an employee in order to make a change in his/her job criteria. The form helps an employee to present the details of his/her job in a formal structured and it also helps the management department to examine the issue more clearly.

A sample of the job proposal form carries details regarding the person who makes such request that include the name of the person, his/her designation, and the address details. Apart from that, the form contains the request of job applications, including work hours, functional area, leave counts and time schedules.  The form is mainly a work proposal made by an employee of a company. In the company, bid proposal form is also used as per the needs.

A job proposal format can be available in Internet in both PDF and word file. You can download as well as customize it as per your use.

Job Proposal Form Template

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