Birth Certificate Verification Form

A birth certificate verification form is required to verify the birth certificate on the basis of assessing the documents. The birth certificate verification form is needed, especially for the recruitment purpose and applying for any exam. If anybody goes for the child adaptation, then he/she should check the birth adaptation certificate before completing the process. There are many types of verification form other than this, such as a marriage certificate verification form.

A sample of birth certificate verification form contains the details regarding the name of the child, full name of the child’s father and mother and the details of a verifier are also presented in the form. The form should be signed by the person who verifies the document. A sample abi birth certificate form contains the data about the birth certificate with identification details. An example of the form is provided below.

The template of the form is available in both PDF and word document. You can download the file and customize it as per your needs.

Birth Certificate Verification Form

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