Bid Proposal Form Template for Contractor and Construction

A bid proposal form is a very essential document for a company, especially contractors or suppliers who take the responsibility to complete a project. It is a proposal information form, which is submitted to the client and party. The form contains the information regarding the bidding subject in a very clear way. The proposal form should maintain a basic format; a company can customize the document as per their needs, though.

The bid proposal templates carry the details of the bidding company, bidding items, bidding services and the amount. It also contains the name of the company to which the proposal is made. A company‚Äôs logo should be mentioned in the form.  It also contains an acknowledgement statement signed by the bidding company.

A sample of bid proposal form is available in word file. You can download as well as customize the document as per your needs.

Bid Proposal Form Template

bid proposal form template

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